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Classes and Workshops

Feldenkrais Classes will resume in 2014.

The Nature of Movement Resilience Card

Feldenkrais is a practice that takes time and commitment. For optimal learning, students are encouraged to attend more than one class per week when time permits and to receive personal lessons when possible, as these lessons are suited to meet the individual needs of each student. For $150, the Resilience Card allows you to participate in any ten Awareness Through Movement classes and to receive one personal Functional Integration lesson. This card is intended to offer you more options to deepen your personal practice.

Classes and workshops do not exceed eight students, to ensure optimal learning. Please register early so I can hold a spot for you.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Contact me if you have any questions, would like to register, or want information about accessibility and parking. Visit the calendar for a quick overview and links to maps. The Nature of Movement is located at 2020 Douglas Street in Victoria, BC.

Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness Through Movement Classes

These classes are fun, engaging, and useful for anyone interested in expanding self-awareness and enhancing day-to-day activities. The lessons create the conditions to explore options in movement which influence all facets of living. Curious explorations of movement, sensory awareness, and attention allow you to experience changes in how you engage with the environment around you.

Learn how to better support yourself and how to move with increased ease in the activities you love to do, while gaining more resilience in life. Resilience is the ability to increase your capacity to learn and adapt. It refers to the degree to which a system is able to self-organize and to the amount of change a system can take and still retain structure and function. Classes are offered twice a week, to develop and explore your resilient nature.