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Amanda Lynn Halldorson
Founder of The Nature of Movement

I understand the benefits of Feldenkrais® education because of its impact on my own recovery from a spinal cord injury. My experience of paralysis and my seventeen years of living with neurological limitations, combined with eleven years of Feldenkrais practice, have given me great insight into how to support others who are seeking tools to improve their lives. I understand deeply the presence that is required to bridge the worlds separated by loss.

My intention is to create a safe learning environment to enhance human potential and mind-body sensory awareness. Drawing on my own journey as well as on many years of intensive study, I weave Feldenkrais, depth psychology, traditional living skills, storytelling, and ethnobotanical studies together with my creativity, passion for teaching, and care for those I work with.

I have been studying the Feldenkrais Method™ since 2001 and became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™ in 2009.

Group Classes

Awareness Through Movement® lessons are group classes in which I offer verbal invitations to explore new options for movement. These lessons are designed to create an opportunity for you to descend into your own bodily experience.  Awareness Through Movement classes are a unique experience in which participants explore new ways to support themselves in order to move with greater agility and grace to meet the changing world.

The drop-in fee for a one-hour Awareness through Movement class is $15.

Personal Sessions

Functional Integration® is a private lesson tailored to your needs. These sessions engage your learning with gentle, non-invasive touch, movement, and specific verbal directions.

These lessons cost $80 and last one hour.
Student and senior rates are $65.


I offer a variety of Feldenkrais workshops that range in length from half-day to full-day and weekend workshops, during which I provide numerous Awareness Through Movement classes, small lectures, and demonstrations. A wide range of other workshops are also offered in the space by other community members.

Public Presentations

I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Feldenkrais and its potency as an instrument for re-establishing a conscious relationship between the body, the mind, the senses, and the world we live in.